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Are you having Difficulty finding a company that can produce a desired flavor profile? Do you have a beverage formulation that is not compliant with distribution requirements? Are you having difficulty communicating your desired product vision to potential formulation companies? Meta Brand is here to help with our expert drink formulation services.

Experience the Power of Our Global Expertise
and Formulation Ingredient Access

Our clients have access to our long history of assisting global CPG (Consumer packaged goods) beverage R&D TEAMS, flavor-house development groups, and our expansive library of the globe’s best flavors, extracts & aromas to build their beverages. Our experience, ingredient access, and independence are why we are the leaders for beverage formulation and development.

Creating the Perfect Beverage Recipe

Beverage formulation is the process of creating a recipe for a beverage, including determining the ingredients, proportions, and method of production. This process involves a number of factors, including the desired flavor, color, and nutritional content of the beverage, as well as any functional ingredients that may be included.

From Raw Material Selection to formulation Production

The process of beverage formulation typically begins with the selection of raw materials, including ingredients such as flavors, sweeteners, and functional ingredients. The proportions of these ingredients are then determined based on the desired flavor and nutritional profile of the beverage. The method of production, including any processing or packaging steps, is also determined during the formulation process.

Why We Stand Out from a Crowded Field

Our strength is our independence with 100% of our work done at our development facility. We don’t sell ingredients. We are not the sales arm of an ingredient manufacturer or flavor house. We don’t outsource development and most importantly, MetaBrand clients OWN their beverage formulas.

Creating the Right Taste Profile

Our deep knowledge of on-trend flavors and beverages allows us to create the perfect taste profile that will appeal to the right target niche and audience.

From Formulation to Production

As manufacturers, we build formulas that can be produced…the first time. It seems obvious, but it’s not. Too many formulation services and consultants lack manufacturing knowledge. FACT: almost 10% of our business is fixing formulas that are don’t work or are not compliant with FDA or TTB regulations.

The Right drink Flavors
All The Time

We chose the best ingredients for your formula that meet your cost of ingredients targets from our extensive, global, library of flavors, extracts, juices, and functional ingredients

Need Rapid Concept Development?

Our goal is to provide samples that deliver the “ideation” using commercially available ingredients. RDC is also an innovative approach to developing concepts for investors, sales teams, distributors, and retailers. Call us about RCD.

Who uses Metabrands Services?

We provide formulation services on multiple levels. We work with established CPG companies complementing their R&D efforts. We support existing brands by creative line extensions, formula “ideation”, and bench sample production. And, we have a long history of creating award-winning beverages & RTD start-ups that you can find on the shelves at your local grocery store.


Leverage our expertise, experience, and knowledge to envision, create and build your beverage from concept to a finished bottled product.

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Why MetaBrand Is Your Trusted Beverage Formulation Partner


We speak Formulation! That makes a valuable partner to complement a CGP development team, re-formulate an existing product, or start from scratch with a concept.


We have created some of the most recognizable, successful products you can find and try. Our unique development iteration-based methodology consistently delivers new products in both the Alcohol and Non-Alcohol beverage categories.

Taste Is Everything

Whether your vision is a sports drink, crafted cocktail, or wellness supplement, taste always matters and it is the key to repeat sales. Our flavorist are masters at developing tastes, flavor, and functionality that deliver your brand’s promise.

Expert formulation Alchemists

We have an impressive library of over 4,600 flavors, extracts, and essences from more than 25 of the world’s best suppliers.


Collaboration is key and we don’t believe in “shuttle feedback”. Our team will work directly with you and your team to craft your beverage. There is no middle person or outsourced entity that interprets your feedback.  


MetaBrand is cGMP compliant, TTB approved, FDA registered, and routinely audited by some of the largest global CPG brands. We apply the same standards of quality to all of our client’s projects.


Beverage formulation is the science and art of creating beverages such as juices, sodas, alcoholic drinks, or even health-promoting elixirs. It involves combining the correct balance of ingredients to create a desirable flavor and texture while also considering aspects such as nutrition, shelf life, cost effectiveness, and regulatory requirements.

  • Determine what type of drinks you will be selling, such as juices, sodas, energy drinks, or alcoholic beverages.
  • Develop recipes for your drinks and determine pricing structures.
  • Purchase equipment and ingredients as necessary to produce your drinks.
  • Obtain any required licensing or regulatory approvals in order to operate legally.
  • Create marketing materials such as labels, logos, and advertisements in order to promote your product line effectively.
  • Find customers by reaching out to retailers or selling directly at farmer’s markets or events that align with your target audience.
  • Monitor sales regularly and continue refining recipes and marketing efforts as necessary for success!
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  • Production: This includes activities such as preparing ingredients, cooking, and packaging food or beverages for sale.
  • Distribution: This involves transporting food and beverage products to their final destination, whether it be a grocery store, restaurant, or other location.
  • Retailing: This includes selling products directly to consumers in an effort to make a profit.