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We are independent experts in beverage formulation and beverage manufacturing. Over the past 10 years, we have created some of the most cutting-edge beverages that are on the shelf of your local retailers. For years, MetaBrand has been considered the “Swiss Army Knife” of the beverage industry.

Beverage Formulation | MetaBrand

Beverage Formulation

MetaBrand is an independent formulation service provider. As a client you will interact directly with our team members during the formulation process.

We are hands-on unlike many of our competitors, who simply outsource your project, for an additional commission in many cases, to a flavor house or ingredient supplier who does the work using only their ingredients. Interested in more details why MetaBrand is an industry leader.

Beverage Manufacturing | MetaBrand

Beverage Manufacturing & Co-Packing

By owning our own FDA & TTB registered facility, we control the manufacturing process to the highest GMP standards to ensure the quality of the production of our client's brands. We manufacture for clients that developed their formulas with us and clients who bring their own formulas.

In both cases, we focus on the accuracy of blending, exceptional manufacturing, and quality packaging. Located in Edison NJ, our facility is here at one of the largest shipping areas of the country.