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Where Expertise, Innovation & Mixology are your partners in success

Our Mission

The Beverage Industry is a highly competitive business where “9-year overnight successes” thrive. We built our service delivery platform to help provide beverage entrepreneurs go from concept to finished product, faster and less expensive than the traditional monolithic model. Our flexibility allows for innovation, faster flavor development, and light-speed production service.

Meta Brands Expert Beverage Solutions

Meta Brand is a leading provider of Beverage formulation and manufacturing services for new and established beverage companies. Our experienced team of professionals have decades of combined experience in the beverage industry, and know how to create a unique product that meets consumer demand while keeping costs sustainable.  We believe strongly in the power of collaboration to create successful products that our customers can be proud of. Contact us today to get started!

Our Services:

Beverage Formulation | MetaBrand


Independent Team of Experts

  • Independant Beverage Formulation
  • 100% in-house beverage development
  • Beverage Ideation & Assessment
  • New Product Development
  • Co-Product Development
  • Extensive library of the worlds best flavors, extracts, aromas, and ingredients
  • Line Extension Development

Beverage Manufacturing | MetaBrand


We own our facility

Our Leaders

NIck Andlinger | Director Business Development | Metabrand

Nick Andlinger

Director Business Development