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Who We Are

Whether you’re a new beverage entrepreneur, existing brand, or a global CPG company, we have the knowledge, experience, and in-house capabilities to take your vision from concept to finished product. MetaBrand is an Independent Beverage Formulation & Manufacturing company that has helped launch recognizable brands you can find in your local grocery stores. 

What We Do

We are considered the “Swiss-Army Knife” of the Beverage industry. We have created everything from Sports Drinks, Energy Shot/Drinks, Nootropic RTD’s infused, Teas, Plant-based Elixirs to Alcohol infused Ready-to-drink cocktails, Mixers, Blended Spirits, and more for our clients.

Why Choose Us

Our depth of knowledge experience in the beverage industry combined with our long history of creating award-winning, successful products is why clients choose MetaBrand.

Beverage Formulation | MetaBrand

Beverage Formulation

Independent Team of Formulation Experts
MetaBrand is an independent formulation service provider. Over the past 10 years, we have established a library of the world’s best flavors, extracts, aromas, and ingredients. This gives us the advantage of choosing the right flavors for your beverage.

Unlike many of our competitors who simply outsource your project, we are hands-on. As a client, you will work directly with our alchemists and development staff during the formulation process. To learn more, visit our Formulation Services page.

Beverage Manufacturing | MetaBrand

Beverage Manufacturing
& Co-Packing

We own our Manufacturing Facility
By owning our own FDA & TTB registered facility, we control the manufacturing process to the highest GMP standards to ensure the quality of our client's brands. We manufacture for clients that developed their formulas with us, or clients who bring their own formulas. In both cases, we focus on the accuracy of blending, exceptional manufacturing, and quality packaging. Located in Edison NJ, our facility is in the heart of one of the largest shipping service areas of the country. From a shipping perspective, MetaBrand is close to everybody.

Let's Start Collaborating on your beverage idea

MetaBrand delivers all of this with a collaborative mindset. We work with you on generating ideas, and we’ll always give you our honest opinions and feedback to help you develop a successful beverage.

Why MetaBrand Is Your Trusted Partner for
your Beverage Formulation & Manufacturing needs

Our clients have the highest success rates breaking into and staying on-shelf in the beverage industry. That is why clients choose MetaBrand.


We spend quality time with you to ensure the product is commercially viable and delivers your brand’s promise.

Our process ensures the product will meet your taste profile.

We’ve developed an internal formulation methodology that has proven to be successful for our clients.

Experienced Beverage knowledge
We improve our approach with every product we bring to market.
We only succeed when our clients succeed.
Most of our business is referral-based, exemplifying our impressive customer success rate.
We always stick to our promises, even if that means working harder for you and your products.
Leverage our 25+ years of Beverage Expertise to understand if your concept is viable.
We’ll always give it to you straight.

Put: Simply: We are THE leader in Beverage Formulation & Manufacturing….just ask our clients. Allow us to take your beverage product ideas and make them a successful reality.
Learn more by contacting MetaBrand today.

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NIck Andlinger | Director Business Development | Metabrand

Nick Andlinger

Director Business Development

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You can build your success by using our expertise. We can help you create the right flavor and impact for your beverage concept.