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Beverage Manufacturing & Co-Packing Services

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Discover the Power of Right-Size Manufacturing with our Expert Beverage Manufacturing and Co-packing Bottling Services

We have combined our long history of on-site production services with our expert formulation capabilities providing our clients with high-quality, cost-effective, and timely manufacturing services.  We provide co-packing services for existing brands, new products, and pilot productions. We are your “right-size” manufacturing partner.

Why You Need MetaBrand’s Beverage Manufacturing Solutions

As entrepreneurs, we know the hurdles when it comes to production which is why we built our own facility. Our goal was to provide high-quality manufacturing combined with lower-volume requirements allowing beverage brands to conserve capital and get to market.

Beverage Manufacturing and co-packing
Co-packing services

Co-Packing Quality with MetaBrand's Beverage Manufacturing Services

Our co-packing facility is designed to accommodate beverage companies aiming to scale from small to large batches seamlessly. We focus on delivering high-quality manufacturing services with the flexibility to handle various production volumes, catering to a broad range of beverage types and packaging needs.

Beverage Manufacturing Co-Packing Capabilities

Beverage Types

Volume /Minimums


Why Metabrand?


As a registered and inspected facility, we deliver a significantly higher-level quality production, higher yields, and flexible pack-out options. Every production run undergoes an independent 3rd party testing validation to ensure the highest standards of production.


We built our facility to help beverage companies get to market faster without all the costs associated with the large minimums required by the majority of manufacturers. Whether you need cases for investors & distributors, samples for trade shows, pilot runs, trial runs or full-scale production, we can do it.

Low Minimums

We support multiple PET, Glass and Can sizes in our facility across multiple production lines. We fill containers from ½ oz to 32 oz on our hot & cold fill PET/Glass line and can fill cans from 8.0oz to 16oz on our canning line. Let us know what you need and we’ll evaluate it for filling.


We built our facility to help beverage companies get to market faster without all the costs associated with the large minimums required by the majority of manufacturers. Whether you need cases for investors & distributors, samples for trade shows, pilot runs, trial runs or full-scale production, we can do it.

We built our services to address common problems with co-packers

High Cost

The beverage industry is capital intensive. Too often manufacturing costs consume the life-blood of your business….cash.

Too Much Standardization

As a dynamic co-packer, we manufacture product in many different containers, offer multiple label opinions and pack-out configurations

High Minimums

Most manufacturers require minimum production to exceed 100,000 bottles/cans. Our minimums are substantially lower.

Poor Quality

The small-scale production options you do have often don’t deliver the quality of drinks your brand depends on to keep growing.

What type of beverages we Manufacture

Soft Drink Manufacturing (Non-Alcoholic)

Alcoholic beverage manufacturing (wine, spirit or sugar-brew based)


You have the right partner with MetaBrand. While we focus on Beverage Formulation & Manufacturing, we have built an extensive network of ingredient suppliers, label & packaging designers, label printers, and secondary packaging manufacturers to take your project from start to finish.

beverage manufacturing and co-packing
Beverage manufacturing

20 years of beverage production knowledge at your service

We offer our clients a cost-effective solution to getting their beverages to market quickly, efficiently, and without the significant cost associated with large production runs. Whether you need 100 cases, 10,000 cases or more, we can produce your product to the highest standards of quality in our FDA, TTB, and NJ ABC certified facility. Call our team today to talk about how your needs align with our beverage manufacturing services.

MetaBrand Is Your Go-To Beverage Manufacturer & Co-packer

Low minimum requirements, multiple labeling options, flexible pack-out configurations combined with over 25 years of experience makes us to be the perfect partner for your manufacturing needs.
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A beverage manufacturing company is a business that specializes in creating, producing and packaging beverages. They are typically responsible for formulating recipes and managing the production process from raw materials to ready-to-drink products. This can include bottling beverages, canning, pasteurization, fermentation, and many other processes to ensure the highest quality product.

Key considerations for manufacturing high-acid beverages include:

  • Choosing the Right Filling Method: Hot fill processes are commonly used for high-acid beverages to ensure sterility and extend shelf life.
  • Material Compatibility: Packaging materials must be chosen carefully to withstand acidity without degrading or reacting with the beverage.
  • Quality Control: Regular testing for acidity levels is crucial to maintain consistency and ensure safety.
  • Preservation Techniques: Understanding how acidity impacts preservation and flavor over time is important for maintaining product quality.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring the product meets all health and safety standards for high-acid foods and beverages.

Co-packing for beverages is a specialized form of contract packaging in which businesses outsource their manufacturing, filling and packaging operations. This ensures that each product has been made to the highest quality standards and accurately packaged according to customer specifications. It also helps reduce costs associated with production time, labor, and materials.

  • What experience do you have in the beverage industry?
  • How long does it take to turn around a product?
  • What types of packaging options are available?
  • What processes do you use to ensure quality control and safety?
  • What resources can you provide in terms of warehousing and logistics?

According to Statista, the most consumed beverage in the world is water, followed by tea, coffee and carbonated soft drinks.

The benefits of aseptic cold fill for probiotic beverages include:

  • Preservation of Probiotics: This method maintains the viability and effectiveness of probiotics by avoiding high temperatures that can harm these sensitive microorganisms.
  • Extended Shelf Life: By sterilizing the beverage and packaging separately in a sterile environment, aseptic cold fill extends the product’s shelf life without the need for preservatives.
  • Safety and Quality: Ensures the beverage is free from harmful bacteria, maintaining both safety and quality.
  • Flavor Integrity: Keeps the original flavor profile of the beverage intact, as there is minimal heat exposure.
  • This process is particularly beneficial for probiotic beverages where maintaining the live cultures’ integrity is crucial for their health benefits.