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    The Best CBD Drinks of 2024: Refreshing & Relaxing

    I’ve been on a mission to find the most delicious and effective CBD drinks out there. The options in 2024 are mind-blowing! From sparkling waters to cocktail bitters, there’s a CBD drink for every taste and occasion.

    I’ve tried them all (tough job, I know), and I’m here to share my top picks with you. Looking for a chill way to unwind after those endless hours at work, or maybe you’re aiming to shake things up in your wellness game? CBD drinks have got you covered. So, grab a glass, and let’s dive in!

    Key Takeaways:

    • Diverse Options: CBD drinks range from teas to alcoholic beverages.
    • Reported Benefits: Commonly cited benefits include stress relief and improved sleep.
    • Body Mechanics: CBD affects the body’s endocannabinoid system, influencing mood and health.
    • Quality Importance: Choose reputable brands for quality and safety.
    • Natural Alternative: CBD offers a non-intoxicating substitute to traditional relaxants like alcohol.

    What Are CBD Drinks and How Do They Work?

    CBD drinks are the latest trend in the world of wellness, offering a delicious and convenient way to consume CBD. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. When infused into drinks, it allows for easy and controlled consumption of CBD without the “high” associated with THC.

    The Different Types of CBD Drinks Available

    From sparkling water and soda to tea, coffee, and even alcoholic beverages, CBD drinks come in a wide variety of options to suit every taste preference. Some popular types of CBD drinks include:

    • CBD-infused water
    • CBD sparkling water
    • CBD soda
    • CBD tea
    • CBD coffee
    • CBD cocktails and alcoholic drinks

    With so many choices available, it’s easy to find a CBD drink that fits seamlessly into your daily wellness routine.

    Potential Health Benefits of CBD Drinks

    While research is still ongoing, many people report experiencing potential benefits from consuming CBD drinks, such as:

    • Reduced stress and anxiety
    • Improved sleep quality
    • Relief from discomfort and inflammation
    • Enhanced focus and clarity

    However, it’s important to note that individual experiences can vary, and more research is needed to fully understand the extent of CBD’s effects on the body.

    How CBD Interacts with the Body

    When you consume a CBD drink, the CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Picture this – our bodies have their own control center called the ECS. This complex setup involves messengers and receivers working tirelessly so we can chill out, catch some Zs when needed, not overeat at Thanksgiving dinner, and fight off germs.

    CBD binds to receptors in the ECS, potentially helping to promote balance and homeostasis within the body. This interaction may explain some of the reported benefits of consuming CBD drinks. Keep in mind that everyone’s experience with CBD is not cut from the same cloth.

    Your dose size, natural tolerance level against substances in general (including coffee.), or just your digestion speed makes all the difference. As with any new addition to your wellness routine, it’s always best to start with a low dose and gradually increase if needed, while paying attention to how your body responds.

    Top CBD Drink Brands to Try in 2024

    With the growing popularity of CBD drinks, countless brands have emerged in the market. However, not all CBD drinks are created equal. It’s crucial to choose reputable brands that prioritize quality, transparency, and safety. Look for brands that use high-quality, lab-tested CBD and are transparent about their extraction methods and ingredient sourcing.

    OTO Wellbeing CBD Bitters and Seltzers

    Another notable brand in the CBD drink market is OTO Wellbeing. For those looking for calm, they offer specially made CBD seltzers and bitters perfect for easing stress. OTO’s CBD Cocktail Bitters allow you to add a dash of CBD to your favorite cocktails or mocktails, providing a unique twist on classic drinks. Their CBD seltzers, available in refreshing flavors like Green Tea & Garden Mint and Blood Orange & Chilli, offer a convenient and tasty way to enjoy the potential benefits of CBD.

    La Vie En Rose CBD-Infused Drinks

    For those seeking a more indulgent CBD drink experience, La Vie En Rose offers a line of luxurious CBD-infused beverages. Their products, which include sparkling rosé and champagne, provide a touch of elegance and sophistication to your CBD consumption.

    La Vie En Rose uses premium, organic ingredients, and high-quality CBD to create drinks that are as delightful as they are potentially beneficial. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to unwind, La Vie En Rose’s CBD drinks offer a unique and memorable experience.

    Aprch Partner Project Artist Series CBD Beverages

    Aprch Partner Project takes a creative approach to CBD drinks with their Artist Series. Each beverage in the series features artwork from a different artist, making every can a unique piece of art. Imagine savoring unique tastes such as Lemonade CBD or exploring the tropical notes of Passionfruit Hibiscus in our Artist Series.

    These drinks not only provide the potential benefits of CBD but also support and showcase the work of talented artists. With so many innovative and high-quality CBD drink options available, it’s an exciting time to explore this growing market. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a CBD seltzer or the artistry of a limited-edition can, there’s a CBD drink out there to suit every taste and lifestyle.

    The Best CBD Sparkling Water Flavors Manufactured by MetaBrand

    When it comes to CBD sparkling water beverage production, MetaBrand is a clear leader in the industry. They stand out because they always put quality, taste, and new ideas first. MetaBrand’s CBD sparkling water flavors are carefully crafted to provide a delightful and refreshing experience with every sip. Let’s take a closer look at some of their standout flavors:

    Blood Orange Lime

    The Blood Orange Lime CBD sparkling water from MetaBrand is a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. The bright citrus notes of blood orange are complemented by the zesty kick of lime, creating a flavor that’s both invigorating and refreshing. This flavor is perfect for those who enjoy a bold and vibrant taste profile. It’s a great choice for sipping on a hot summer day or as a post-workout refreshment.

    Passionfruit Hibiscus

    For those who prefer a more tropical and floral flavor, the Passionfruit Hibiscus CBD sparkling water is a must-try. The sweet and tangy notes of passionfruit are balanced by the delicate floral undertones of hibiscus, creating a unique and memorable taste experience. This flavor is like taking a mini vacation with every sip. It’s perfect for unwinding after a long day or for adding a touch of tropical bliss to your daily routine.

    Strawberry Lavender

    The Strawberry Lavender CBD sparkling water from MetaBrand is a sophisticated and soothing flavor combination. The sweet and juicy notes of strawberry are complemented by the calming and aromatic essence of lavender. This flavor is perfect for those moments when you need to relax and unwind. It’s a great choice for enjoying in the evening or for sipping on during a peaceful moment of self-care.

    Peach Ginger

    For a flavor that’s both sweet and spicy, try the Peach Ginger CBD sparkling water. The ripe and juicy notes of peach are balanced by the warm and zesty kick of ginger, creating a flavor that’s both comforting and invigorating. This flavor is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of spice in their life. It’s a great choice for sipping on during a cozy evening at home or for adding a little extra zing to your day.

    Blueberry Mint

    The Blueberry Mint CBD sparkling water from MetaBrand is a refreshing and invigorating flavor combination. The sweet and juicy notes of blueberry are complemented by the cool and refreshing essence of mint, creating a flavor that’s both soothing and energizing. This flavor is perfect for those moments when you need a little pick-me-up. It’s a great choice for sipping on during a busy workday or for enjoying after a refreshing yoga session.

    Blackberry Hibiscus

    For a flavor that’s both bold and sophisticated, try the Blackberry Hibiscus CBD sparkling water. The deep and rich notes of blackberry are balanced by the delicate floral undertones of hibiscus, creating a flavor that’s both complex and refreshing. For those who appreciate complex tastes, this flavor hits all the right notes – it’s rich and multi-layered.

    Perfect for unwinding in the evening or during moments when you crave some quiet, it’s your go-to companion. No matter which flavor you choose, you can trust that MetaBrand’s CBD sparkling water is made with the highest quality ingredients and the most advanced CBD extraction methods.

    Each can contains a consistent and reliable dose of CBD, ensuring that you get the most out of every sip. So why not add a little sparkle to your CBD routine with MetaBrand’s delicious and refreshing flavors? Your taste buds (and your wellness) will thank you.

    CBD Drinks vs. Traditional Relaxation Methods

    In today’s fast-paced world, many people are seeking natural and effective ways to unwind and relax. While traditional methods like meditation, yoga, and herbal teas have been used for centuries, CBD drinks are emerging as a popular new option for those looking to promote relaxation and well-being. But how do CBD drinks compare to these traditional relaxation methods? Let’s take a closer look.

    How CBD Drinks Compare to Alcohol and Prescription Medications

    One of the most common ways people seek relaxation is through the use of alcohol or prescription medications like benzodiazepines. While these substances can indeed provide a sense of relaxation and stress relief, they also come with significant drawbacks and potential risks.

    Alcohol, for example, is a depressant that can impair cognitive function, motor skills, and decision-making abilities. It can also lead to dehydration, hangovers, and even addiction if consumed in excess. While popping a benzodiazepine might seem like an easy fix for stress knots in your stomach, there’s always a catch – side effects loom large, addiction is a real scare, and saying goodbye to them can be rough.

    CBD drinks, on the other hand, offer a natural and non-intoxicating alternative for relaxation. Unlike alcohol, CBD does not impair cognitive function or motor skills, and it does not cause dehydration or hangovers. And unlike prescription medications, CBD is not known to cause dependence or withdrawal symptoms.

    In fact, some studies suggest that CBD may even have the potential to help reduce dependence on certain substances, such as opioids and tobacco.

    CBD as a Natural Alternative for Relaxation and Pain Relief

    In addition to promoting relaxation, CBD drinks may also offer potential benefits for pain relief. CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may help to reduce pain and discomfort associated with conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain.

    While more research is needed to fully understand the pain-relieving effects of CBD, many people report finding relief from consuming CBD drinks and other CBD products. Compared to traditional pain relief methods like over-the-counter and prescription medications, CBD offers a natural and non-addictive alternative. It does not carry the same risk of side effects and dependence as some pain medications, making it an appealing option for those seeking a more holistic approach to pain management.

    Potential to Improve Sleep Quality and Reduce Muscle Tension

    Another potential benefit of CBD drinks is their ability to promote better sleep quality and reduce muscle tension. CBD has been shown to have a calming effect on the nervous system, which may help to reduce feelings of anxiety and promote a sense of relaxation. This calming effect may also help to reduce muscle tension and promote better sleep quality.

    Many people report feeling more relaxed and sleeping more soundly after consuming CBD drinks or other CBD products. Compared to traditional sleep aids like melatonin or prescription sleep medications, CBD offers a natural and non-habit-forming alternative. It does not cause grogginess or other side effects commonly associated with sleep medications, making it a safer and more sustainable option for long-term use.

    While CBD drinks are not a replacement for traditional relaxation methods like meditation, yoga, and herbal teas, they can be a valuable addition to your overall wellness routine. By offering a natural and non-intoxicating way to promote relaxation, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve sleep quality, CBD drinks provide a unique and promising option for those seeking to enhance their overall sense of well-being.

    Delicious CBD Drink Recipes to Make at Home

    While there are many great CBD drink brands on the market, sometimes there’s nothing quite like whipping up your own creations at home. Making your own CBD drinks allows you to customize the flavors, ingredients, and CBD dosage to your exact preferences.

    Plus, it’s a fun and creative way to experiment with new flavor combinations and incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Here are some delicious CBD drink recipes to try at home:

    CBD Mocktail Recipes for Every Occasion

    CBD mocktails are a great way to enjoy the potential benefits of CBD in a fun and festive way. Whether you’re hosting a party or just looking for a tasty way to unwind after a long day, these CBD mocktail recipes are sure to impress:

    1. CBD Mojito: Muddle fresh mint leaves, lime juice, and a few drops of CBD oil in a glass. Add ice, soda water, and a splash of simple syrup. Stir and garnish with a sprig of mint.
    2. CBD Margarita: Combine tequila (optional), lime juice, orange liqueur, and a few drops of CBD oil in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a salt-rimmed glass filled with ice. Garnish with a lime wedge.
    3. CBD Moscow Mule: Fill a copper mug with ice. Add vodka (optional), lime juice, ginger beer, and a few drops of CBD oil. Stir gently and garnish with a lime wedge.

    These CBD mocktail recipes are just a starting point – feel free to get creative and experiment with your own flavor combinations.

    How to Incorporate CBD Into Your Favorite Drinks

    In addition to mocktails, you can also easily incorporate CBD into your favorite everyday drinks. Here are a few ideas:

    • CBD Coffee: Add a few drops of CBD oil to your morning coffee for a relaxing and focused start to your day.
    • CBD Tea: Steep your favorite tea and add a few drops of CBD oil for a soothing and calming beverage.
    • CBD Smoothie: Blend your favorite fruits, veggies, and a few drops of CBD oil for a nutritious and stress-relieving snack.

    The possibilities are endless – you can add CBD to just about any drink you enjoy.

    Tips for Mixing CBD Drinks at Home

    When mixing CBD drinks at home, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the best possible experience:

    1. Start with a low dose: If you’re new to CBD, it’s best to start with a low dose (around 5-10mg) and gradually increase as needed. This will help you gauge your tolerance and avoid any potential side effects.
    2. Use high-quality CBD oil: Look for CBD oil that is third-party tested, organic, and free from additives or fillers. You’ll be confident you’re getting something that’s not only clean but also strong.
    3. Mix well: CBD oil can be a bit tricky to mix into drinks, as it tends to float on top. To ensure even distribution, try using a frother or blender to mix your drink thoroughly.
    4. Store properly: CBD oil should be stored in a cool, dark place to maintain its potency and freshness. Avoid exposing it to heat or direct sunlight.

    By following these tips and experimenting with your own CBD drink recipes, you can easily incorporate the potential benefits of CBD into your daily routine in a tasty and enjoyable way. Cheers to that.

    Final Thoughts

    CBD drinks have come a long way, and the options in 2024 are simply incredible. From the refreshing flavors of MetaBrand’s sparkling waters to the sophisticated bitters and seltzers from OTO Wellbeing, there’s a CBD drink for everyone.

    These tasty beverages offer a fun and convenient way to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine. Also, since they can help you relax and reduce stress, CBD drinks are changing the game.

    If you are interested in working with a beverage manufacturer for your CBD drinks, contact MetaBrand today!

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