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Starting your own beverage company can be exhilarating. You have spent years working on your product idea and may finally be able to make it a reality. Becoming an entrepreneur allows you to follow your passion, harness everything you’ve learned, and create a successful business that continues to grow.

It takes a lot of work to get there. You need to understand where the market is now and where it’s headed. You need investors to believe in your idea and all the resources to start making your product. The right approach to marketing and sales will help you connect with consumers.

What specific steps are involved when you want to go down this path? This guide will walk through how to start a beverage company and eight specific steps you should take.

Benefits of Starting a Beverage Company

Starting a small business can be an uncertain venture, full of challenges and overwhelming decisions. It can also lead to lasting financial success and eventually becoming the head of a thriving company. Here are some benefits to starting your own beverage business:

Greater Flexibility

Why work for someone else when you can run the show? Entrepreneurs can create the business they want, including assembling a great team and making a schedule that helps you balance work and personal life.

Use Your Industry Knowledge

You probably want to enter the world of beverages because you know something about the industry or products. A great thing about the drink world is that consumer trends are a huge part of business success, and your company can cash in on these trends, especially when you can predict what’s about to get hot.

Develop Products People Love

Beverages are consumer products that can earn you prestige and adoration. People tend to fall in love with the most popular brands and can remain loyal to them for an entire lifetime. Hitting on that brand can also be incredibly lucrative, of course.

There are pros and cons to every career path. Starting a beverage company can be tricky and isn’t for everyone. Those with a commitment to the process and an entrepreneurial mindset can find lots of success going this route.

8 Steps to Start a Beverage Company

You won’t get anywhere without the right road map. Planning takes creating a winning strategy and nailing down every detail, from business model to investments to launch. Follow these eight steps to start your own beverage business:

1. Perfect Your Vision

Many beverage brands start with a great idea for a tasty product. It’s crucial that they perfect the concept if they intend to build a company around it. This means meeting with industry experts who will help you formulate your drink and ensure there’s demand for your product in the current beverage market.

2. Creating the Right Business Structure

You need to understand the differences between potential business structures. A sole proprietorship, for instance, maybe appropriate at first if you’re the only person running the business. Partnerships, LLCs, or corporations may make sense depending on who’s involved and your goals. Make sure to talk with a legal professional or accountant about the best option for you.

3. Define Your Product Category

The drink market has several big categories, so be sure you know where your products fit in. Standard industry segments include alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea, juice, soda, health drinks, sparkling water, and many more. Getting specific will help you create the right branding later and identify your target audience.

4. Create a Strategic Plan

You won’t get to market without a solid plan. Strategizing involves learning how to impress investors, use the funds, optimize sales and distribution, and build an implementation plan.

5. Get Branding Just Right

Ask yourself what consumers really want or need, and make sure your branding aligns with those desires. This branding drives your design goals and marketing tactics, from logo to setting core values to the marketing platforms you use. Your brand design and tone should be aligned across all your marketing channels, website included.

6. Develop a Marketing Approach

You must pay attention to which outlets are best to connect with your customers. What social media platforms do they use? What kind of content do they like? How can you offer new ways to engage them? What are your competitors doing?

7. Source Ingredients

You have to nail down where all your ingredients are coming from to formulate the right product. Factor in cost and whether you want to use only natural or local products, for instance. You will need specifics about how much of each ingredient is required for each batch of products. Some ingredients may be seasonal or hard to get quickly, so make sure you plan accordingly.

8. Choose the Right Manufacturing and Distribution Partners

You may not need to work with a large production company, which can get expensive fast. Look into working with a company that facilitates small-scale manufacturing or can get you samples quickly. Work with a partner that can also help you with label and packaging design and printing. Distribution will depend on your goals and budget, but consider if you then need to make deliveries yourself or if you’re going to work with a distributor.

Many hiccups can happen along the way, even when you take all the right steps. That’s why it’s usually best to work with a consultant who can guide you through these steps and ensure your product is commercially viable before you put your heart and soul into creating your new beverage business.

Contact MetaBrand to Get Started

MetaBrand is here to assist you along your path to business success. We are the leader in world-class natural and organic food, beverage, and nutraceutical product development. We know all the right steps you need to take to make your beverage business dream a reality.

We now offer a rapid concept development service, which determines whether your idea is viable so you don’t risk losing a lot of money on a flawed concept. This service helps you minimize risk and maximize the potential for a successful beverage product.

To learn more about how MetaBrand can assist with your production efforts, give us a call or contact us today.

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