Rapid Concept Development

Every day, MetaBrand brings new products to market. Products that started with dreams and ideas – just like yours.

It takes knowledge of the industry to grow your They do not want to focus on food. food or beverage company in the long term and ensure your ideas are actually going to work. You don’t want a new product idea to create problems with no way out. Let us help you spot flaws in your concept and find ways around them.

Some Concept Development Problems MetaBrand Can Help You Avoid

Is my product viable? Any entrepreneur with an idea has asked that question, and it takes experience and know-how to find an answer. You may run into issues like:

A Great Idea, but No Resources

Coming up with your idea wasn’t easy, but the more challenging part can be assembling the right resources to make your vision a reality.

Market Uncertainty

You need a partner who understands what’s hot in the industry and whether your idea will succeed. This means a deep understanding of what competitors are doing and how food and drink products are being priced, among many other factors.

Fear of Losing Money

Any small business owner knows the importance of preserving capital and only taking calculated risks. It’s hard to take the leap when you don’t know what’s coming next.

MetaBrand’s rapid concept development service and our personal guidance will help you determine the viability of your idea with a minimal spend upfront.

We minimize risk, and maximize the opportunity for your product becoming a reality. We’ll give you the best route to success. Contact MetaBrand today to get started with this service. The success of your idea depends on it.

rapid concept development

MetaBrand addresses these issues and more. What if you could potentially:

How MetaBrand Delivers Results With Rapid Concept Development

Conducting a business assessment should not be difficult or expensive, but it’s critical to building a successful business. Before you commit funds or obtain investors, conducting a study can make the difference for a successful launch. Our team asks the right questions so you understand your position:


We will outline the characteristics required of the product and the size and value of the market.


We will evaluate the number and type of competitors, their positioning, and pricing.


We will review the availability of raw materials, ingredients, packaging, and production, calculate the difference between expected income from an estimated share of market and costs of production to determine expected profitability.


We will make recommendations on how best to go to market both with the best route to distribution and the best ways to market and position the product.

An investment of $5000 will give you the answers you need to understand your future.

We have the connections and resources to answer these questions for you. This is why MetaBrand is the top formulation and manufacturing provider out there for food and beverage companies. Give us a shout to get started with rapid concept development.

Why MetaBrand Is Your Trusted Partner for Rapid Concept Development

Our team knows how much time and energy you’ve already put into your product idea. That’s why we don’t want you to waste your time. With rapid concept development, we are committed to giving you the following benefits:

  • Experience: 20 years of industry knowledge to assess your idea
  • Feasibility: Ensuring the product is right for the time by evaluating current demand
  • Competitive analysis: Looking at what competitors are doing
  • Guidance: The best recommendations for your goals
  • Transparency: Never leading you astray with honest opinions
  • Protection: Minimizing your brand’s risk of failing or losing money

Our rapid concept development service gives you the answers you need with a much faster turnaround. We want your product and business to succeed, so we always tell it to you straight. Reach out to the experts at MetaBrand to learn if this service is right for you.

MetaBrand Is Your Go-To Partner for Rapid Concept Development

Creating a great product is already hard enough. You also have to worry about whether the idea is even viable with your financial situation and the current market.

MetaBrand is the best partner you could ask for in determining viability and product potential. We do it with our rapid concept development service so you can get an honest answer in less time. Avoid failure or financial loss by working with our team of experienced beverage industry professionals.

An investment of $5,000 will give you the answers you need to understand your future.

Want to learn more about our services? Call us at (732) 612-0702 to initiate the formulation and manufacturing process for your brand.

“Our engagement with MetaBrand led us to the introduction of a new package which has made us relevant to our consumer and positioned us for success.” Essentia Water
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